They've been marching, will you?

Wow!  It has been THE week for marching and our social media accounts have gone crazy!  Kicking off last Saturday we had the pro-abortion Women’s Marches across the world, they were heralded as the coming of age of feminism with such a show of unity, even though they publicly excluded pro-life feminists from marching.   Well that didn’t stop pro-lifers from turning up, with some awesome signs and making an even bigger media splash for the pro-life cause thanks to all the controversy around their exclusion. You guys and girls are AWESOME, we love your courage to fight for truth in the midst of those angry Marches!

Feminist pro-lifers, we are marching with you!

The day after these marches, some of our team were in Paris supporting over 50,000 pro-life friends as they marched on the city of love for the annual ‘Marche pour la vie”.  With France recently legislating to criminalise certain activities which have the potential to dissuade a woman from having an abortion (like a simple website for example), the witness in Paris was all the more pressing.  There is concern from organisers that this march could potentially fall foul of this law in years to come.  This is deeply unsettling and whilst we would never advocate abortion, it does raise some serious questions about the nature of a woman’s right to choice and the pro-abortion agenda.  If access to pro-pregnancy literature and information is not available, is she actually able to make a fully informed truly free choice? It is also more obviously a huge affront to freedom of speech and this is something we know our French brothers and sisters won’t take lying down.  We love your tenacity and fighting spirit for the unborn and the rights of women!

French pro-lifers, we are marching with you!

Finally we were reporting on the mother of all Marches par excellence- March for Life USA.  This is where it all started 44 years ago and these guys are our inspiration for the way we have grown March for Life here in the UK.  Once again, 100s of 1000s of people descended on the capital, on the anniversary of that infamous Roe V Wade decision, to witness to the beauty and dignity of human life from conception.  With the President casually dropping out the lack of media attention this March receives, well it was covered on every major news network- an unprecedented first in all 44 years of its history.  Whilst some have criticised media for reporting on “anti-abortion demonstrators in Washington”, we think whatever language they want to use- the story was reported which has never happened before! One step at a time and this media coverage was a pretty big one in our opinion.  In two incredible moves, we saw President Trump tweeting his personal support for March for Life and then we witnessed Vice President Pence addressing those gathered with the declaration:“Life is winning again in America!”  We can only imagine what the energy on Capitol Hill would have been like with that kind of support from the very top.  These are momentous days for the American pro-life movement and days which will undoubtedly have an international effect too.  American pro-lifers, we love that for 44 years you have faithfully marched without media fanfare or such weighty support from the Whitehouse, you have kept on fighting in the face of so much antagonism and your moment is coming.  Your sacrifice and commitment to the cause is truly an inspiration

American pro-lifers, we are marching with you!

And finally we turn to our very own March for Life here in the UK.  All the social media storm around these marches and the pro-life breakthroughs of the last week have got us sooooooo excited for March for Life UK 2017.  Following in the footsteps of these pro-life giants, in just a few short years we have become the biggest pro-life rally in mainland Britain - calling for an end to abortion and sharing the joy of the gift of life in the heart of our country, right here in Birmingham.  This City is where abortion provision kicked off post 1967 and this is where we are fighting back! You see, we are big on fighting spirit and are not alone in this vital cause, with every major pro-life organisation in the UK united in supporting March for Life UK.  This year is a very significant year for the UK, marking 50 years since the Abortion Act and since then, 8.7 million lives have been lost through abortion.  Well we say that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We cannot and will not let this continue! We invite you to join us on Saturday 20th May in Birmingham City Centre to witness to this atrocity, to call for change and to remind people of the beauty, dignity and joy of life from conception to natural death- just like our international friends have done this week.   Supported by young and old, believer and non believer, man and woman: with one voice we say 'We WILL be the generation that sees the end of abortion in the UK' and with our feet we will keep on marching until this becomes a reality in our time.   Buoyed by the pro-life victories around the world this week, we wholeheartedly encourage  you to join this growing pro-life revolution here in Birmingham- your witness and your presence is vital!

50 years on. 8.7 million lives too many...

UK pro-lifers will you be marching too?