Will You Help Ask For Spiritual Protection for the Pro-life Vigils In The UK?

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Many of you will have heard about the lies that have been spread concerning pro-life vigils that take place outside abortion centres. This has prompted calls from some groups to ask for the creation of ‘Buffer Zones’ around the entrances to these buildings. This of course would prevent pro-lifers from offering alternatives or even silently praying there!

There is much being done by various pro-life groups and individuals to ensure this does not happen but March for Life want to ensure that we also remember the spiritual nature of this battle. To this end we are calling all our Christian supporters to join us in asking God to protect all the pro-life vigils in the UK which help save hundreds of lives every year, provide women/couples with real alternatives and give them support and encouragement during their pregnancy. We must act like everything depends on us and pray like everything depends on God.

For our supporters who have no religious beliefs or are not of a Christian faith we are not alienating you, in fact we greatly value your witness as it is so important to show that this is not just a religious issue but one that all faiths and none should recognise. No one should feel comfortable endorsing the deliberate destruction of an innocent human being and it helps no one, least of all the mothers, to offer this as a so called answer to their problems.

Tomorrow we will be starting nine days of prayer (Catholics will be familiar with 9 days being referred to as a novena). There will be two options for the prayer:

1) Catholics may want to pray a novena to ask ‘Our Lady’ to intercede on our behalf and place the pro-life campaign that they belong to (or the one nearest them) under her protection, thus saying ‘This campaign is yours, you protect it’. For this group we will be sharing prayers for the feast on the Immaculate Conception which will occur on the 9th day (December 8th)

2) Other Christians may wish to pray a pro-life litany and some pro-life Scripture quotes (see below) which have been shared with us by one of our supporters.

This is not the time to be arguing about our different ways of praying so please refrain from making comments connected to this. Instead let us focus our energy on our prayer. Ask your friends and family to join in and please share this on social media so that as many people as possible are encouraged to join in. There is power in prayer, let us not neglect it. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.

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