How You Can Be a Pro-Life Activist … and Change our Nation: Guest blog from Life Charity

Like thousands of other pro-lifers, I stood in Victoria Square at this years March for Life as Stephanie Gray reminded us that pro-life activism is not just an annual activity – it is a daily one. I’m going to share with you just one way you can be a pro-life activist this year, and help change our nation.

My name is James and I am privileged to work for Life as an Education Officer. Life is one of the oldest and largest of Britain’s pro-life organisations. We started in 1970 and have more than 11,000 supporters.

What makes us unique

Our mission is to offer the positive alternative to abortion. We do this by combining two different approaches to pro-life work:

  • Care and support for all affected by abortion, through our counselling, housing, and pregnancy help services, and;
  • Education and campaigning, through our school talks program, research and media activities.

Our exciting news

Life is about to undergo the most exciting event in its long history: a complete relaunch.

This relaunch will:

  • Rebrand our services and look;
  • Restructure our work to make us more effective and efficient, and;
  • Refocus our key mission and vision: to make abortion a thing of the past.

But we need your help

The pro-life movement isn’t just made up of organisations, businesses and charities. It is the sum total of its people, just like yourself – who they are and what they do. And it is people who make the difference.

We are launching our new strategy and direction at our Ignite event in central Birmingham, 25 June.

At this event, you will discover:

  1. How our rebrand will make Life more effective at ending abortion in our nation;
  2. What our restructure will mean and how our service delivery will change, and;
  3. How YOU can participate in the UK’s pro-life renewal.

You will also get to hear from a wide range of top-notch pro-life speakers, including Caroline Farrow, Ed Smith (former chairman of the Alliance of Pro-Life Students) with an exciting announcement for all pro-life youth, Bishop Byrne, Cora Sherlock and Life Northern Ireland’s Marion Woods.

To top it all off, after the main event we are delighted to be showing the UK film premiere of the must-see abortion documentary Hush.

The next step

Spaces are rapidly filling up – we already have 170 places booked out of an absolute maximum of 250! So make sure you sign up – it’s quick and easy using the ‘Ignite Booking Form’ on our website.

We can’t wait to see you there and to show you how, together, we can end abortion.

Be an activist every day. Come to Ignite.