March for Life UK 21015 – Thank-you

For those of you who didn’t manage to make it to this year’s March for Life UK I hate to tell you but you missed an incredible day! Don’t make the same mistake next year!

For those who attended the march, thank you so much for your support and for your impeccable behaviour and joyful witness on the streets of Birmingham city centre. You were a credit to the pro-life movement.

Police estimated that around 1200 pro-lifers turned up to celebrate the theme of this year’s march, ‘Life from Conception, No exception!’ We were met in Birmingham city centre by around 150 pro-abortionists waving banners bearing the words ‘My Body, My Choice’ and slightly more puzzling slogans like ‘Beyoncé Hates You’ (???!). Police stood between the two crowds, one celebrating joyfully the gift of life, the other screaming angrily. At one point a pro-abortionist broke through the police barrier and tried to snatch away the pro-lifer’s microphone before he was taken away by four police officers who carried him swiftly away as he nearly lost his shirt. Everyone who attended March for Life behaved impeccably and refused to engage with the pro-abortionists, ignoring their presence and entering into the spirit of the March with even more vigour! One of the most powerful moments in Chamberlain Square was when all of the Marchers knelt down to pray for the unborn and all victims of abortion, even the pro-abortionists were silent for a brief moment as this gesture of reverence
and respect completely threw them. The police and those around were so impressed with the way that March for Life and all that participated conducted themselves and the officer in charge said that he would write a report on the day, stating exactly that! What an incredible witness! Yesterday we received a letter from a fellow marcher who was reluctant to be involved in such a public witness before March for Life and he described the day as, “intoxicating” and said that the march was conducted with “sensitivity” and was indeed the “victory parade of the Lamb who has conquered death and sin.” He, as did many others have said that he cannot wait for next year’s event and that he will be bringing as many of his friends as he possibly can.

Our speakers were all we’d hoped for and more. Archbishop Bernard Longley, Gianna Jessen and Obianuju Ekeocha did themselves proud both outside St Chad’s cathedral and in the city centre. We would like to thank them all for their inspiring words and powerful witnesss. We would particularly like to express our gratitude to Archbishop Bernard Longley for his courageous support of the unborn and say how important it is to us to have support and encouragement from our Catholic clergy.

Prior to the march many young people and families had gathered around St Chad’s cathedral listening to live Christian music and browsing the stalls from all the prolife groups in the UK who supported the march, which was a great display of unity. Sica Martinez, one of the coach organisers from Leicester said after the march: ‘I had such a strong supernatural sense, which is still with me now. I’m so full of joy that I went and all the folk from Leicester say the same. I keep hearing this word . . . awesome!’

As the march ended a pregnant woman who had been out shopping approached us to explain that she had been uncertain of what to do about her pregnancy as she had little support from her family, she then added ‘I know now, I’m keeping my baby’. Praise the Lord! When looking at the two groups that were there on the day, it was obvious to her which choice to make as the pro-life group radiated peace, light and love in comparison to the darkness, anger and violence shown by the pro-abortionists.

Another contributing factor to how great the day was, was how competently it was MC’d by Matt Roche Saunders and Deacon Phillip Cunnah. They helpfully kept the crowd informed and engaged throughout the day even during challenging circumstances in Chamberlain Square!

We would especially like to thank all of the pro-life groups that endorsed March for Life this year and who have given us unfailing support, 40 Days for Life, Good Counsel NetworkSPUCAlliance of Pro-Life StudentsForsaken / ReviveFamily Life InternationalRachel’s VineyardPrecious Life, LifeLife Fertility CareHelpers of God’s Precious Infants.

We meant to say a big thank you at the end of the March to all of these groups, to all who helped with the organization of the day, coach leaders, those who brought large groups including Brentwood Youth Service, the marshalls, Soli House, musicians from Oscott and the Kerelan commununity, those who served refreshments, manned the Grimshaw room, sold flags, manned the car park and Terry who amongst other things helped to transport equipment and made a podium for the speakers; but it was a bit hard to think with all of the noise from the pro-abortionists!!! We truly appreciate all of your help and support and without all of you we couldn’t have made the march come together.

One of the main purposes of the day apart from our very public witness on the sanctity of life was to promote unity within the pro-life movement and to encourage you all to get involved in pro-life work within your community. Please remember that making a stand for the unborn is NOT a one-day event. Please contact the groups that you engaged with in the Grimshaw room and support them in their daily work to protect the unborn. You can follow the highlighted links to their websites above. Use March for Life as a day when you can be strengthened and encouraged to take back our joyful witness into your own communities and share the truth of the Gospel message that you have received.

Please keep our mission in your prayers, this is God’s work and with God nothing is impossible. Spread the word and encourage more people to come with you next time. We want to see at least 2,500 of you there as a minimum next year!