Arch Bishop Bernard Longley personally invites you to this years March for Life

As you all may probably know by now, Archbishop Bernard Longley from the diocese of Birmingham will be attending this years March for Life. The sanctity of life and social justice are issues that are very close to the Archbishop's heart, not only is he attending this years march, but he is personally inviting you all to come along and "make a stand for life". Every Easter Monday St Chads Cathedral has a men's Mass, this year, in his homily, Archbishop Bernard urged the men of Birmingham to attend this years March for Life, here is a small extract from what he preached.

"Next month there will be an opportunity to witness to our belief in the God-given dignity of every human life. The annual March for Life begins here at the Cathedral on Saturday 16th May. After a time of prayer and reflection there will be a walk of witness through the streets of the city. We want to remind our fellow citizens that a society that regards life as disposable from the very beginning will also find it hard to recognize the intrinsic worth and dignity of any human being.  If we become hardened to abortion we will have little tenderness of heart towards the refugee or the homeless, the sick or the elderly – we will also be indifferent about the wonderful projects and initiatives such as Brushstrokes and New Heights that respect the dignity of our neighbours. I invite you to make a stand for life by joining the March for Life, made more precious still by the resurrection of Christ."                           For the full homily click here.

For the past two years the Archbishop has also encouraged people to get involved with the 40 days for life campaigns, he has done this by personally going to the clinic on Ash Wednesday to pray for the campaign. We are truly thankful for the support that he gives to the pro-life movement in Birmingham and for his witness to the sanctity of life. May God bless him and his ministry.