What Now? March for Life The Aftermath!

March for Life UK was great wasn't it? The singing, the cheering, great talks, great atmosphere, great company and sunshine. It was easy for me to wave my pro-life poster in the streets of Birmingham when I had 1000 people in front of me and another 1000 behind. I can't pretend it took much courage, I enjoyed it. The problem is when we go back to our own little corners of the country does the fire begins to fizzle out?

We just can't let this happen. Press the pause button and give yourself time to digest what that day was about. Our batteries have been charged up, now let's get stuck in.

Pro-abortion supporters seem to be more vociferous than ever at the moment whether it's Cathy Warwick taking it upon herself to speak on behalf of the Royal College of Midwives without consulting them, saying they support abortion at any age. Whether it's Ann Furedi on the Today programme jumping at the chance to push late term abortions (you can hear what she has to say here at 7.50 on podcast) Or whether it's the occasional reminder of a desire for 'bubble zones' around abortion centres supported by abortion promoters masquerading as researchers.


The truth is abortion won't go away by itself. The statistics for 2015 have been released and abortion in England & Wales has increased to over 190,000 in one year. Over 5000 of these were on non residents, which is the lowest it has been since 1969. This leads us to believe that countries who do restrict abortion and offer alternative support like in Ireland can have a positive impact on how many people seek an abortion. The shocking reality as well is that 98% of these abortions are funded by you if you pay tax. I'm not comfortable with that - are you?

Let's make a commitment today to be actively part of the change this country so desperately needs and turn back the tide. Pro-life groups are crying out for young, (and not so young) vibrant new volunteers like those who were so abundant in Birmingham on Saturday. If you are already involved in pro-life work then THANK YOU SO MUCH. If not then here is a list of some pro-life groups that support March for Life and would love your time (alphabetically):

* Precious Life

* SPUC and SPUC Scotland

* The Good Counsel Network

And if you want to get more involved in March for Life UK then we'd love your support too, just get in touch and we'll tell you more. This could be in addition to any other pro-life work you're doing.


The March for Life belongs to us all so let's take responsibility for helping it grow. Thank you to: 

Everyone who helped out by coming, bringing friends along or organising coaches/car-shares. 

Those who helped promote the event.

The MC's Paschal and Tobi.

Catherine and the Soli House music group.

Stall holders.

Those who helped with the many, many other numerous jobs that needed doing to help the day run smoothly (you know who you are).


And of course to our financial donors and prayer supporters.

Public witness does make a huge difference. It's essential we keep it up as well as providing real alternatives to abortion. We also need to make sure we know the answers to questions relating to abortion. Order Stephanie Gray's latest book, 'Love Unleashes Life' or order 'Prolife Answers to Prochoice Arguments' by Randy Alcorn. Yet remember if arguments alone were going to win this debate it would have been won many years ago. We are on the side of truth and all the good, reasonable, logical arguments have always belonged to us but we need to communicate them with love, gentleness, humility and compassion. When we do this is when we start to win. I believe we've started already which is why I think I can feel the tide turning.