Will You Help Ask For Spiritual Protection for the Pro-life Vigils In The UK?

Many of you will have heard about the lies that have been spread concerning pro-life vigils that take place outside abortion centres. This has prompted calls from some groups to ask for the creation of ‘Buffer Zones’ around the entrances to these buildings. This of course would prevent pro-lifers from offering alternatives or even silently praying there!

Having had two abortions, why I hate the idea of buffer zones.

Never in a million years did I think I would be stood outside an abortion clinic for the third time.

The previous two visits led to two abortions, one in my teens and one when I was in my twenties.  Both times I was given ‘counselling’ that lasted less than 3 minutes. I did not think long and hard about the life changing decision I was to make as I was fuelled by fear alone.  


Yesterday the Centre for Medical Progress released a preview of another one of those Planned Parenthood videos.  The content was full on shocking, but should not surprise us and even more shocking is the fact that YouTube have censored and removed this video.  I therefore encourage you to read this article and share it on all your social media platforms and with your contacts.

March for Life UK - Lifefest17

I think March for Life UK 2017 will be one of those days that I’ll never forget - I felt so proud to be pro-life! If someone had told me beforehand that it was going to pour with rain and that hundreds of protesters were going to try and disrupt the event I would have thought ‘that’s not how I want to spend my Saturday’ but by the end of the day I felt that if I was standing amongst people such as these I could face anything joyfully.


Thank you to everyone who has been promoting March for life UK and organising coaches/lift shares. Firstly a reminder about Friday’s vigil: If you are Catholic then you might be interested in the Holy Hour at St Michael’s Church, Moor Street Birmingham B4 7UG 7-8pm followed by Mass. After this we all go to the Royal Angus Hotel in St Chads Queensway B4 6HY for a drink, cakes and a chance to meet the speakers.

4 Weeks to Go! What Can YOU Do?

Exactly 4 weeks today the UK’s largest pro-life festival will take place in Birmingham as we remember 50 years of legalised abortion in the UK. Will you be there? Coaches are going from around the UK, click HERE to find your nearest one or there is still time to get a group together from your area/church as many other people have done. We have posters and flyers if you GET IN CONTACT.

I Can’t Believe I STILL Have to Pray Outside An Abortion Clinic

With 40 Days for Life just around the corner, it was interesting to come across a post by an ex-priest called ‘I Can’t Believe I Once Prayed Outside An Abortion Clinic’.  Whilst the author claims to be morally undecided on the position of abortion, the claims made about life beginning at conception being based on religious belief and not scientific evidence and regret over praying outside a clinic and forcing his beliefs on people, suggest his undecided position is fallacious- just like the arguments he makes in this abhorrent piece.  Let me say this now:

What Now? March for Life The Aftermath!

March for Life UK was great wasn't it? The singing, the cheering, great talks, great atmosphere, great company and sunshine. It was easy for me to wave my pro-life poster in the streets of Birmingham when I had 1000 people in front of me and another 1000 behind. I can't pretend it took much courage, I enjoyed it. The problem is when we go back to our own little corners of the country does the fire begins to fizzle out?